Weekly Net

The Washington County ARES Team has two levels of Nets. We have a Weekly Training Net and an Activation Net in the time of disaster. At times during our training, we may do mock drills and other exercises to keep us well educated. The TEAM has the knowledge and will provide communications for our communities.

The Weekly Net is held every Tuesday at 8:30PM Eastern Time. Our net is held on a local wide coverage repeater that is accessible throughout the whole general Tri-Cities Area. Our Team utilizes other repeaters and simplex frequencies throughout the area. We also have a simplex type of round table after the Net.

Net Control Script: Weekly / Activation
Net Control Team: (Click here)


Primary Repeater: 147.270 K4LNS (No Tone)
Backup Repeater: 444.100 K4LNS (PL: 103.5)


2 Meters: 146.550 or 147.550
70 Centimeters: 446.500 or 446.100

Net Control Logs

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 – Weekly Net
Tuesday, February 06, 2018 – Weekly Net

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